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Nikolas List (USA/Mex)


21st century beatnik



I make music for open-minded people. 

I travel around the world performing with my shows and spreading universal love through sound. 



The live shows I perform mix sound performance, vocals, electronics, motivational poetry, dreamscapes, ASMR, and all kinds of interactions that break down the wall with the audience. The performances are designed to be unique, immersive "full body" experiences. 

Each show is a unique experience depending on the constellation and configuration of that moment in time. 



To see the upcoming shows, check out the SHOWS tab on this website. 


To view online footage of some of the shows, send me an email via the contact on this site



To vibrate with me, follow me on social media:

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 My Facebook 'artist page' is for my music and performances:



 My channel page 'NLC' is for the artistic community I curate: