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Our new friend's performance was something unique to Tinta's people, he was literally painting with his words, audience was simply amazed. Jazz, ambient,  noise and his beautiful language made an atmosphere we can't forget. Keep up Your attitude, man!

Bence Toth

Tinta Social - Miskolc, Hungary

Sept 2017



Thank you for the show, it was a great night! 

Your performance reminded me of Laurie Anderson - “The Beginning Of Memory”

Jacsó Gábor

Tinta Social - Miskolc, Hungary

Sept 2017 




"I stumbled upon an infinite universe of stories in music while wandering in a basement. Stayed there for the whole show and was begging for more"

Gabriel Fabre

Madame Claude, Berlin

December 2017

"Just wanted to send you a virtual thanks for your concert at Kukemuru Ambient festival. We really enjoyed it - you have great talent for storytelling, and the tracks blended in perfectly. The cover of The Book of Love was the cherry on top. Cheers, and best of luck. Hope to see you again some other time!"

Kristo RaunKukemuru Ambient festival, Estonia

August 4th, 2017

The show reminded me of the (widely unknown) collection of poems by Jim Morrison, called “An American Prayer“, to which the remaining doors added a soundtrack in 1978 - I hope, his mystic trip might inspire your dreams as well . . ;)) best regards - christof

Christof Kimmerle

Shedhalle, Tübingen, Germany

Sept 2017

"A true artist-musician-philosopher, Nikolas List is an all-out renaissance man!"

Wild Torus,

Rockwall Studios, Brooklyn, New York City,

June 2nd, 2017

"Just want to say once more - your music takes me and my friends so high! I had never heard this kind of music live before, it made me feel like I'm on an xtc pill, pure deepness...  Thanx a lot for visiting our city!"

Mike Trofimov

Fredra 61, Lviv, Ukraine

24 April 2017

"Unexpected performance. Mind stimulating, honest and authentic. 

That’s what we need more often."


Berlin, Geyger Art Gallery

June 2017

"Nikolas List performative act was like a full body experience."

Henri Hütt

Mim Stuudio, Tallinn, Estonia 

18 March 2017

"Une tuerie ta zik !! "

Werner De-Wreede

The Message, Troyes, France

15 May 2017

"The beauty of being a Danish artist living in Norway, visiting Finland and then meeting an American whose joy in life is to share and spread the love of art and its community in this world. Fascinating and inspiring!!"

Christine Due Jacobsen

Turku, Finland // Bar ö

16 March 2017

"MODEM gave space to the event of BanZaj #17 - Nikolas List Usa/Mex / Hans / Tpsrprt at Modem where a wide range of artists celebrated the noise music. This time the utopia of John Cage, the pioneer of non-standard use of musical instruments came true, namely the usage of noise for composing will continue and grow till we start using the electronic instruments that enable us to reach other musical aims by using any kinds of sounds. This time two Hungarian and one international artists performed on stage. First Tpsrprt performed with a rather classic electronic sounding, it was followed by HANS who already got engaged with abstract noise impressions in its sounding and tools too. The event was topped with the solo concert of Nikolas List who mixed professional sound bits and created feelings, led the audience to a special mood and raised personal memories. The international artist who has ancestors from all around the world now arrived to Debrecen from Brussels. The artist initiated discussion with the audience among the musical runs, this way helping and guiding the audience through a journey of thoughts."

Andrea Keresztesi 

BanZaj series in collaboration with MODEM, 

Centre for Modern and Contemporary Arts, 

Debrecen, Hungary, 8 April 2017

"A truly inspiring voyage through different places and cultures around the globe."

Kenneth Kovasin

Akusmata, Helsinki, Finland 17 March 2017

"“A mind opening contemporary set with honesty and moderate sensitivity”

David Gutema

BanZaj series in collaboration with MODEM, 

Centre for Modern and Contemporary Arts, 

Debrecen, Hungary, 8 April 2017

"Great performance, beautiful soundscape. Nikolas is the man."

Kornél Bíró

BanZaj series in collaboration with MODEM, 

Centre for Modern and Contemporary Arts, 

Debrecen, Hungary, 8 April 2017

"It was a huge pleasure to join Nikolas on his sound-trip around the world. The subtle use of field-recordings and ambient noises evoked a calm and fascinating atmosphere, combined with short and charming introductions to each track. Very proud that Nikolas was the one in charge to open our new silent series !"

Sascha Stadlmeier, EMERGE

Attenuation Circuitre:flexions SILENT SERIES

Ganze Bäckerei, Augsburg, DE

4 February 2017

"Es war ein großes Vergnügen für die Ohren -delikate, exquisite Klänge - ein Genuß! 

Thank you, Nikolas,hope to see + hear you again!"

Stefan Schulzki

Attenuation Circuit - re:flexions SILENT SERIES

Ganze Bäckerei, Augsburg, DE

4 February 2017

"Nikolas played last night here in Frankfurt for us, and it was a pretty amazing show! He took us on a trip around the world with his field recordings turned 'dance-tracks'. Combined with his energetic (and chaotic) introductions to each track, this made for a very interesting evening. Please return in the future!"

LDX#40 (Xerox Exotique) Tilmann Jakob,

Frankfurt, DE 

INM-Institut für Neue Medien, 

Feb 2017

"The organic level of sound: it is all melting softly together, calmly absorbed within this. Field recordings and synthetic sounds, speakers room and stories build a engaging narrative"

Benjamin Düster Grt

re:flexions SILENT SERIES

Ganze Bäckerei, Augsburg, DE

4 February 2017

"Nikolas turns pictures into music, and music into unpretentious but straight existentialism, 

the kind you need to feed the best sides of yourself"

Nicolas Mallet

Madame Claude, Berlin, 

Nov 2016

"Nikolas played at Frantasia for the first time this year. His work prompted movement in the audience. Surprise is key in this genre—and Nikolas had that. You would swear you were traveling in different parts of the world and space—leading to visions that left you reeling in your mind. Nikolas listens intently to others and as he was performing you knew he was listening to the audience as well, creating in the moment.”


Fran Szostek, 

Frantasia Festival of Out Music & Arts, 

Maine, USA 

August 2016

“Nikolas List was one of our headliners for the annual Blurred Edges festival. His appearance was bedded in the company of musicians as Patrick Mcginnly Antez, Stefan Schneider, Miki Yui and Thomas Tilly. Nikolas surprises us with a solid techno set, which was flavoured with well choosen field recordings, voices and other sounds of unknown origin. Everything was shifted with a great sensibility on his actionboard, him alone on a dark stage. He definitely marked the far point on this years musical scale. 40 minutes in which he polishes his sound sources to a shining diamond of unearthly beauty. A big merci from Hörbar in Hamburg.”


Martin Schramm, 

Blurred Edges Festival curator, 

Hörbar, Hamburg, Germany, 

June 2016






“Planant et diablement dansant, Origamiz est pour moi un généreux trip électro-acoustique qui me rappelle souvent les fabuleux bricolages électroniques de Matmos ou de Console.  Les ambiances captées en Afrique ouvrent dans le cœur de Nikolas des perspectives sonores qu’il élabore du bout des doigts ou à pleines mains mais qui déchirent tant sur scène que dans les écouteurs.”

Pierre-Charles Offergeld

PointCulture Liège 

Mai 2016

Journée des Créations Sonores